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Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Series Release Date, Story {2023}




Fans have been asking only one question for the last 5 years. When will Yona of the dawn
season 2 and 3 release date
? Now it’s the right time. The Akatsuki on Yona Manga series
season 2
is back on the line, Which clears up the future of anime transformation.

Here is all the information you are curious to know about Yona Of the Dawn Season 2 and 3.
Yona Of The Dawn is a well-praised Manga series all around the world written and decorated
by talented and genius artist Mizuho Kusanagi.

It started serialization again in August 2009. It has been going on since. The series got huge
love and support from viewers and readers.
That’s why its popularity forced the story to be taken up for an anime transformation. In
In October 2014, Studio Pierrot launched the first episode of the anime around japan.
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Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date :

We can’t say anything yet about “Yona Of The Dawn” It’s not a new thing that many anime
sessions take a long time to release in recent seasons. Studio Pierrot is the producer of this series.

Studio Pierrot has waited an awfully long time to announce any changes in the status of the

The 2016 earthquake halted the work of creator Kusanagi, According to his Twitter post, which didn’t help anime fans, but that was five years ago. But, still, some fans hope the new season will come soon.

But still, we don’t know precisely whether this is over or a new season will come. We have to
wait for any surprising official announcement.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2: Expected Plot

Like a lot of anime shows, The story of the “Yona Of The Dawn Season 2” is expected to
follow that of the manga. The manga’s first eight volumes covered the first season, while OVA
covered all the 18.

The second season will be based on the extra chapters of the books, which start with volume 9 Yona and the Dragons will fight against Su-Won and his allies to save the Kingdom.

Definitely, It’s not going to be easy for Yona and her friends. At this time, they should deal with
taxes, bandits, a fire festival, and other challenges. On the other hand, Su-won planned for war and made strategies with his allies

Yona Of the Dawn Season 2: Expected Cast

We can watch the first season of “Yona Of The Dawn ” in seasons 2 and 3 on Hulu. The series
is very well dubbed in English. Monica Rial is the title character which features experienced
voice actor Yona herself.

  • Clifford Chapin plays Yun
  • Christopher R. Sabat plays Son Hak
  • Mica Solusod plays Su-Won
  • Ian Sinclair plays Gija

Yona Of The Dawn Characters :

Here are the details about the main Characters of Yona Of The Dawn :

Yona :

She is a titular protagonist of the manga & anime sessions, Akatsuki, on Yona season 2.
She is a princess of the Kingdom Kouka. Yona is the only Emperor and Kashi Queen and the
reincarnation of owner Hiryuu.

On Yona’s 16th birthday, she was trying to force Castle to treat Castle as a fugitive.
After Yona’s dad was killed by her evil cousin Soo-Won. Who wants to become a king of the

He had protection, gratification, training, but who will change her in the future when Yona saw
who killed her daddy killer after Yona’s father.

Yona and Hak both are forced to flee from the Castle. And start the journey to the Wind Tribe
for self-safety.

Yona and Hak travel with Son Mundok’s experience and advice. Who told Yona and Hak to
find the 4 Dragon. Who already founded the kingdom two thousand years ago and are trying
to protect all.

The solution to the current life led, Yona, is traveling throughout the kingdom to try to find all
the dragons. Who helped Yona to find a fresh purpose and tried to explain the meaning of
friendship. Hak to take more training for Yona in arrow and also contestants.

During Yona’s journey. She observes and realizes her daddy was not a good king for the
people. That is why her cousin Soo-Won wants to become the king of the kingdom and recover
from his father’s mistakes.

After that, Yona decided to improve her daddy image in front of people. During his journey,
Yona changed herself from a sweet to naive girl.

And she is trying to be fearless and trying to become a women’s warrior. Still, she is trying to
maintain a graceful life, empathy, and honesty, Akatsuki on Yona manga season 2.

Hak Son :

He is the protagonist of the anime Akatsuki No Yona manga series season 2. he is earlier
known as (Son Haku ソン ハク) Hak. The other General and head Chief of Wind Tribe

The Hak Son is a mothered grandson of Mundok. he is the adopted bro of Tae-Yeon.
Also, Princess Yona, including Soo-Won, is the childhood friend of Hok Son.

In the Kouka Kingdom, Hak’s son is appreciated as the “Lightning Beast” in the kingdom.
Because of his excellent matriarchs skills, he is getting more popular, being one of the most
powerful warriors in the kingdom.

Satirical, fantastic, and often got in Princess Yona. Hok was chosen as her bodyguard via the
kingdom king when he was 15.

He is having some feelings for Yona from an immature age. Hak has a vision in his life. He
requires to become the right-hand of his buddy, Soo-won, and Hok becomes the next freedom
fighter or owner of kingdom Kouka.

And he became resolved all his weaknesses of himself serving both like his most trustworthy
friends’ lives. After the Sun-Won’s betrayal. He tried to forced save’s Yona from loss. Also,
bring Yona to individual Wind Tribe. He does all these things for Yona’s safety.

It was falsely rumored to do a killer and a kidnapper. Who captured Yona. he is attempting to
fly the Wind Tribe territory. But Yona’s persuasion chose to go, including her as a traveler.

Who wants to find four dragons and try to defend them.

He is loyal and a simple and focused person. He gets hurt so much by his most helpful buddy.
Soo-Won’s betrayal and his commenter having a wrong time come to terms for him.

After that, Yona. Later he improved himself. When Hok sees Yona’s self-confidence to become
more energetic and get off takes pride in fiery sides.

By the way, Hok started trying to make different friends in every group and try to learn new
things. Now Hok is not alone. He can battle to defend Yona confidently.

Yun :

Yun is a beautiful character in Akastsuki no Yona. He is a member of Dark Dragon, and also,
he is an arm of Happy Hungry Bunch.

Yun is the self-proclaimed “beautiful and genius boy.” Warden of the High priest of lk-soo, Yun, is the one who helps Yona and Hak and makes suitable after they fall from a wall.

He is the first guy who joins Yona’s journey as per Ik-Soo’s. Yun continues to play his role of
being the Warden among the Yona team.

He was born in a low-income family, and his village is fire tribe territory. When Yun was young, he lost his parents, and he decided to become an orphan.

After this tragic event changed his mind, and he is growing up fast and learning new things to
survive independently.

When he is trying to survive, He met High Priest Ik-Soo, after General Yu-Hon’s death. He has
left out the Castle.

And he had been starting living and start caring for Ik-Soo due to him getting hurts. Most of the time he always lived alone before meeting with Yona and Hak. According to his age, Yun is a brilliant and intelligent guy, if we guess, and mostly he is making so many mistakes as a girl due to his feminine presence.

He has few dreams of becoming a doctor and travel. he wants to travel the world but never got
to do it because he is scared.

And if he goes then, Ik-Soo can’t take care of himself without Yun. After so much satisfaction from Ik-Soo, later Yun joins Yona and Hak partnership on a quest of Yona and Hak to find the most incredible 4 dragons combatant.

Su-Won :

Su-Won is the present king of the Kingdom. He is the eleventh overlord of Sky Tribe. he is also
the real hero of the anime and manga series of Akatsuki no Yona season 2.

He is the elder son of General Yu-Hon, and her mother is Yong-Hi. He is the elder brother of
Yona, and he is also a childhood buddy of Hak.

Su-won killed his uncle, who is Emperor of the kingdom. Yona wants revenge for her father’s
death from Su-won.

Now he is trying to resolve the internal matters of Kouka kingdom to bring his old kingdom
back. He wants to make a super-strong nation. To get his kingdom, he is using his
grandfather, baron Joo-Nam.

Yona of the Dawn Season 1 Episodes List :

Now 24 episodes are available of the Yona of the dawn season 1. The first 12 episodes
were released in 2014. and remaining episodes are released in 2015 (from 13 to 24 episodes
of season 1).
Now they are ready to release the Yona of the Dawn season 2 release date is disclosed
soon. And also Yona of the dawn season 3 date also coming soon.

First 12 episodes of Yona of the down episodes List :

  1. The Princess Yona
  2. Torn Bonds
  3. Distant Sky
  4. Wind Clan
  5. Howl
  6. Red Hair
  7. God’s Will
  8. The Chosen Door
  9. Shaking Resolve
  10. Anticipation
  11. The Dragon’s Claw
  12. Blindfolded Dragon

After the 12th episode of Yona of the down episodes List :

  1. Echoing Fear
  2. Light
  3. To a New Land
  4. War Games
  5. The Pirates of Awa
  6. Ties
  7. The Senjuso Test
  8. Chain of Courage
  9. Spark
  10. The Night History Is Made
  11. Morning of Promise
  12. From Now On

Yona Of The Dawn Season 1 Trailer :

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Trailer :

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In this article, we collect some information regarding the Yona Of The Dawn
Season 2. Also, we provide a list of all the episodes.

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