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Witch Anime: Top 27 Best Season Series {Recommended}




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Animes Lovers always find the new season series to watch. In this article, we are providing the top 28 witch anime list. In these anime, we will get mysterious stories and funny comedy of witches who always carry pointy hats with a broomstick.

Witch Animes and witchcraft have superseded our creativity of building capricious characters and the existence in the world.

Let’s explore our recommendation list of the Top 28 witch anime series, which is enough to give full enjoyment of the witch season series.

1. Little Witch Academia [Ritoru Witchi Akademia] :

The Little Witch Academia anime is the most highly rated season series of the year 2013.

This series became the most successful headline in western nations and is pretty okay in Japan.


Atsuko enters Luna Nova Academy and tries to become a famous magician similar to the much-revered Shiny Chariot.

The institute is never a cakewalk for Atsuko due to her unskillful spell abilities, and to continue that are the dull speeches and students challenging her ideal.

Also, an occasion offers itself wherever Atsuko manages to show her energy to her rivals and the staff and graduate arrogantly despite not holding a genealogy in magic.

Atsuko’s course is described as a bright one with spiritual viewpoints caching the people’s curiosity.

The anime sequence displayed mid-Jan to Jun 2017 and has 25 chapters, and a cartoon film did advertise as wholly.

Season 2 for the series continued in the works, but the producers fell apart to remain on another plan.

2. SEN / Soul Eater Not!:

If the Soul Eater Season series was already seen, this is also the same story as the original. It is a comedy series, and it is based on full of ecchi and spiritual powers.


This story converges on Tsugumi Harudori with his friend’s Anya and Meme.

Tsugumi Harudori looks similar to a common girl on the body, but she is a walking talking defense.

These three usually choose to take the target class to study how to control their skills more consistently while the problem comes.

Harudori ever carried to the defense in the Meister Academy, where people can convert into threats.

Notwithstanding becoming a lazy start to it holds its place. The play is entertaining.

Maka, Harudori’s other colleague, becomes a hero in the amazingly advanced ability to train in besides battle-oriented prediction.

Maka practices her spells to defend herself also battles monstrous as a witch. It is an excellent mix of darkness and lightness, similar to that of a reverend and mage.

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