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Slice Refer & Invite Code: Student’s Free Credit Card | ₹300 on Signup/Per Refer [2023]




The Slice app is a mobile application designed to help users manage their online shopping by organizing their purchase receipts and tracking packages. It allows users to link their email accounts to the app, which then automatically retrieves and categorizes electronic receipts for purchases made online. Users can also track their packages and receive alerts on their shipment status. Slice app aims to simplify online shopping and provide users with a more organized and streamlined shopping experience.

What are the benefits of a Slice card ?

Here are the potential benefits of the Slice card according to available information:

  1. Cashback rewards: Slice cards offer up to 5% cashback for certain categories such as dining, groceries, and shopping on select merchants.
  2. No annual fee: Slice cards don’t charge an annual fee, which means that cardholders don’t have to pay any fee to maintain their card.
  3. No hidden charges: There are no hidden charges, such as markup fees or processing fees on foreign transactions.
  4. Smart statements: Slice cards have intelligent statements that categorize your spending and help you keep track of your spending habits.
  5. Instant disbursement: Slice cards offer instant disbursement of loans, which can be helpful for unexpected expenses or emergencies.
  6. App-based interface: Slice cards are app-based, which makes them easy to manage and makes it easy to keep track of spending and rewards.
  7. Customizable spending limit: Cardholders can customize their spending limit according to their needs and repayment capacity.

Slice Refer Code (2023)

Here is the Referral Codes for Slice App.

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Best Features Of Slice App

Here is the List of Features of Slice App.

  1. Track Your Purchases: Slice App allows you to track your purchases effortlessly by scanning your email inbox and organizing your receipts for you. You can easily see your spending patterns, credit card info, shipment tracking and more all in one place.
  2. Price Drop Alerts: Slice automatically tracks the prices of the items you’ve purchased and notifies you when the prices drop. This is helpful when you’re waiting for a sale or discount.
  3. Package Tracking: Slice tracks all your online orders and updates you about the location of your packages in real-time. Access to the tracking information is made easy through a simple interface, and you can even view your delivery history.
  4. Personalized Recommendations: Slice analyzes your purchase history and offers you personalized recommendations for products that you might be interested in. This feature is really handy when you’re not sure what to buy.
  5. Automatic Receipt Management: Slice App scans and files all your receipts automatically. This means that you can quickly and easily find your receipts from anywhere, without worrying about losing them.
  6. Price History Graphs: Slice shows you the price history of products you’ve purchased and even similar products. These graphs can be really helpful in deciding when to buy an item and when to hold off.
  7. Security: Slice App is designed with data security in mind. The app is password-protected and uses encryption technology to ensure that your data is safe and secure.
  8. Automatic Categorization: Slice automatically categorizes your purchases according to their merchant, making it easier to see where you’ve been spending your money.
  9. Sync Across Devices: Slice syncs across all your devices, so you can access your purchase history and shopping data on any device.

Overall, Slice app is a great tool for anyone looking to simplify their online shopping experience and stay on top of their finances.

How To Activate Slice Card

you will need to follow a few simple steps like providing personal information, confirming your identity, and setting up a PIN before you can start using your card.

Slice Card Documents Required

Slice Card’s document requirements. However, typically when applying for a Slice Card or any credit card, you will need to provide personal identification documents such as a government-issued ID or passport, proof of income or employment, and possibly other financial documents such as tax returns or bank statements. It is best to consult the Slice Card application or contact their customer support for specific document requirements.

How to Get Credit Limit in Slice App

here are the general steps to apply for credit limit in Slice app:

  1. Download the Slice app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Sign up for an account using your mobile number or email address.
  3. Verify your identity as per the app’s instructions.
  4. Link your bank account to the Slice app.
  5. Apply for a credit limit by submitting the required documents and information.
  6. Wait for approval of your credit limit application.
  7. Once approved, you can access and use your credit limit in the Slice app.

Note: The credit limit offered by Slice app may vary and is subject to approval based on your credit score, annual income, and other eligibility criteria.

How to get Slice Card Details

Slice is an application that helps you keep track of your online purchases and transactions. The app automatically scans your email for receipts and orders that are confirmation emails of online purchases, which allows you to track your packages easily. Slice organizes all of your emails in one place, creating a catalog of your purchases, and even sends you notifications when a package is on its way for delivery. Additionally, Slice keeps track of your spending habits, estimate your savings if a product that you’ve recently purchased goes on sale, and provide receipts for purchases made months or even years ago.

Overall, Slice is an excellent app for people who shop online frequently and want to keep track of their purchases easily. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it’s free to download. It has generally positive reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store and similar ratings on the Google Play Store as well, indicating that it’s well-liked by its users.

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