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Nisekoi Season 3, 2, 1 : Watch Manga Anime Story, Release date {2023}




Nisekoi Season

‘Nishekoi’ is a [Japanese Romantic comedy anime series]. This is a remake series is the of the Manga. The manga series finished in October 2016 and the second season was already released in 2015. You can watch nisekoi manga season 1, 2 and 3.

So the makers of the show couldn’t find a perfect ending to the series and the source material was still ongoing.

Some rumors were made by many websites that Nishekoi season 3  will be released in 2016 but all rumors turned out to be wrong. 

Still, there is no official announcement from any source but the story of the series has not ended yet. 

Soon something might come out from the end of the creators of the show. So don’t worry guys, there are some reasons, that are why we can say that ‘Nisekoi‘ manga season will come.

The reason is that the manga of Nisekoi has a total of 25 volumes in 229 chapters, which means the creators have more stories to continue this show. 

We can guess and hope for the third season to come out sometime in 2021.  

Nisekoi Season Storyline:

The story of this series pointed to two characters, Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki, in which Raku is the son of Yakuza boss Shuei-Gumei and is a polite and gentleman. 

Chitoge is the daughter of the head of Beehive (a competing organization). She is also like Raku, a confident and strong woman. 

This series has another female character named Kosaki Onodera. She is Raku’s childhood friend and they both are good friends.

The Raku and Chitoge met each other at High School and became partners to each other After they realized that they are the children of two conflicting teams and it will impact their relationship. 

Also, the Nisekoi anime series has a convoluted but love story with romance and with full of twists and turns.

Previous Nisekoi Anime Season 2:

In the last Two Sessions, We already saw raku always fall in love with so many girls. There is no confusion about this anime series, it will confuse you a lot. 

This is enough to get doubt! So here is a big confusion? Who is our bachelor?

it was a MarikaOnodera else Haru or Chitoge? here we are closed all the tracked for girls.

Previous Nisekoi manga Season 2

We are failing the path of the girls here. in the Season 2 has a full compilation that is completely different from Season 1, there is no connection between season 1 from season 2. 

In the Season 2 has 12 episodes and season 1 has 20 episodes. also Season 2 agreed that he would add new characters to Raku’s list. you can watch Nisekoi Season 2 Online. 

We already encountered Haru. There is Kosaki’s sister but we don’t know.

He has a locket and is also interested in love, which Story has not yet discovered. 

After which comes an amazing episode, where we saw a deformed wizard attacking the group.

After that Raku gets a locket from Haru, and then Haru gets the flu, and then he takes care of her.

Nisekoi Anime Cast:

The series is also available in English and dubbed by talented voice artists-

S. No Role Voice
1 Raku Ichijo Erik Kimerer
2 Adelt Wogner Kirisaki Patrick Seitz
3 Chitoge Kirisaki Cristina Vee
4 Claude Charles Rengel 
5 Hana Kirisaki Marianne Miller 
6 Haru Onodera Cassandra Lee Morris
7 Kosaki Onodera Erica Mendez
8  Kyoko Carrie Keranen
9 Marika Tachibana Morgan Berry
10 Marika’s Father Christopher Corey Smith
watch nisekoi season 2

Main Characters of Nisekoi Anime Season:

Raku Ichigo:

Raku Ichijo is the most important male character of this series. which is decorated and written by Naoshi Komi. 

He has been acting as a fake lover of Chitoge for 3 years. he wants to stop fighting between the two gangs which are Shuei Clan and BeeHive Gang

Raku Ichigo
Raku Ichigo (nisekoi season 3)

Once Raku gives a promise to a girl to marry her. when these things are ends.

he has exchanged a pendant with that girl for memories. Raku has a key that can be unlocked if they meet once again.

Now 10 years have passed and he has forgotten all memories of that promised girl.

he forgets his name also. now he doesn’t know what is promised to be done with that girl.

After then he started to make relations with Chitoge Kirisaki.

And now he starts teaching Chitoge Kirisaki all detachment keys. that Keyes is connected to the pendant. 

10 years ago they all made a promise to a guy. that makes all possible promises with four girls until the Yui is returned.

And he is confirming that Chitoge is not one that girl, where he is promised.

I also want to check the pendant key with her pendant.

Now he wants to check her pendant, wants to know if his key is working with her pendant or not. 

Marika, Onodera, and Yui are trying to help by checking on that situation.

he is worried about her if she loses his pendant then he can’t check it.

Raku is trying to open the Chitoge pendant with her key pendant, but during this process.

he broke the key. and he is trying to fix it.

After he gets fixed, Shu’s uncle already told him there is only one way to open this pendant.

He lives with the Yakuza family as her son, but he can’t take a position as a son.

because is adopted by a member of a gang.

Chitoge Kirisaki:

Here Chitoge Ichi is the important female protagonist character of this series. Chitoge Ichi is the sweet daughter of Hana Kirisaki and Adelt Wogner Kirisaki.

who gave out as the fraud Lover of Raku Ichijō before 3 yrs of her high school life.

They want to stop a war between each Other’s families.

Chitoge Kirisaki (nisekoi anime)
Chitoge Kirisaki (nisekoi anime)

She is the slimmest fair-skinned and attractive young female with Amazing waist-length with blond hair.

She has beautiful pink tips at the end hairs, also Chitoge has aqua-blue beautiful eyes, and stunning features and she is tall with natural Hot figure.

many people want to associate and give some advice to become a model.

She has a red ribbon, she always uses them to tie her blond hair.

These ribbons were given by her mom Hana Kirisaki. Her mom used these ribbons when she was young.

but still, Chitoge always prefers to wear different clothes.

her mother offers to buy more clothes for her (In the anime manga, Chitos ribbon looks like a girl in Kosaki Onodera’s photo book).

Chitoge is mostly seen wearing school dresses. which is a white and half-sleeved shirt.

and a blue-collar like a soldier which is always attached with the neck lower part.

And it looks like a tie. and Her skirt is a little bit short but it looks good on her. 

When she is going for a swim on the beach, she does her hair in a ponytail style, and she always wears a bikini.

Chitoge always wears her school’s swimsuit which has a blue color.

after school. She usually wears tops, skirts, and heels and sometimes she wears pants.

if there are any special events like birthday parties or marriages. 

elegant dress and jewelry are his favorites which look good on her.

Onodera Kosaki:

Nisekoi anime series has one more important character, her name is Onodera Kosaki.

She is interested in Raku and she wants to have a relationship with Raku.

Onodera was born in a normal family who makes pastry candies, her family has a specialization to make tasty candies.

However, Onodera’s father’s missing in this series episodes.

Onodera Kosaki {nisekoi manga season 2}
Onodera Kosaki {nisekoi manga season 2}

Thus, Kosaki is living with her beautiful mother and younger sister in their pastry shop.

She always lives in a positive environment and she has a peaceful nature.

During Kosaki’s childhood, she wants to become accustomed to her friends Raku, Chitoge, Marika, Tachibana, Yui, and Seishiro.

They all soon grow up to be close friends with Raku. who is in love with him? 

The all-girls group is going to propose and give several keys and lockets to each other.

and they promised each other to meet once again.

They all are capable of unlocking lockets with the help of keys. If someone unlocks the key, Raku will marry him.

Raku and Kosaki do promise with others and their promise is for marriage in the future, and store a ring and lockets for each other if they meet again in the future.

Seishiro Tsugumi:

Seishiro Tsugumi is a powerful female. who is taking hard training by Claude Ringheart? who is an expert member of the BeeHive Gang? 

Seishiro Tsugumi [nisekoi season 1]
Seishiro Tsugumi [nisekoi season 1]

Tsugumi is entertaining him as a brilliant student. who can transfer him to Chitoge classes?

And he told him to protect her from Raku Ichijo. because Raku is trying to force Chitoge to make a relationship with him.

Tsugumi is an amazing character in this manga anime series. He has several episodes dedicated to the geta relationship with Raku.

Nisekoi Season 2 Episodes:

The Nisekoi Season 2 contains 12 episodes:

False Love> Season 2 Episodes> watch nisekoi season 2

  1. From now on 
  2. Grudge
  3. Need 
  4. Mother 
  5. Teach me 
  6. Delicious 
  7. Little sister 
  8. Magical Patissier Kosaki
  9. Clean up day 
  10. Support 
  11. I want to lose weight 
  12. The search 


Nisekoi Season 1 Episode:

The Nisekoi Season 1 contains 20 episodes:

False Love> Season 1 episodes

  1. A Promise 
  2. Encounter
  3. Two of a kind 
  4. The Visit
  5. Swimming
  6. Borrowing and Lending 
  7. Rival
  8. Happiness
  9. Hot springs 
  10. Lottery 
  11. Celebration
  12. Confirmation 
  13. After School
  14. Ordeal 
  15. Three keys 
  16. Typhoon 
  17. Festival day
  18. At the Beach 
  19. The play 
  20. Showtime 


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