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Moonlight Blade: Gameplay, Feature, Character for Mobile {2023}




Moonlight Blade

In the game’s PvP mechanics, the moonlight blade characters are engrossed in hunting and killings, where the arrested members want to accept jail time. Munnlight Blade is a martial art MMORPG game that is stuffed in a vast ancient world.

Follow the path of one of the eight clans, beat the strangers, commit murders, make ink paintings, and do more in a unique parasitic experience.

Westward fans are slowly becoming more funded in martial arts (MMO) Moonlight Blade, recently released for mobiles.

Introduction of Moonlight Blade Mobile Game

BasicDetailed Info
NameMoonlight Blade
Developed byTencent Games
TypeMartial Arts
CategoryAction Game
DeviceAndroid, iOS, PC
User Rating7.5/10

While the playing game lives in China, the gameplay and the overwhelmingly nice teaser have made many people heart-throb.

They are showcasing the beautiful grandeur of the animation, which is impressive to see on the short screen.

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Gameplay of Moonlight Blade MMO:

They are derived from Tencent’s [3D MMORPG] Moonlight Blade original 1st developed in a fantasy picture of Wuxia for PC in 2015. In the game’s PvP mechanics, the characters are engrossed in hunting and killings.

Gameplay of Moonlight Blade

Where the arrested players need to serve jail time, compared to Life of Wushu also Dynasty Warriors, moonlight Blade permits members to decide among four factions.

The system of Warcraft or the standard two shown in Blade&Soul. Who could next advance guilds below their preferred faction?

Key Features of Nexon Moonlight Game:

Its open world is known to be 18 times bigger than Skyrim, finished with a completely functioning weather system and the entire day-night cycle.

Key Features of Nexon Moonlight

The vast expanse of Moonlight Blade was created applying satellite maps to represent various world regions accurately and offers 17 separate views, including over 2k plant types.

Each team that created the game has been significantly assisted by the creators of the martial arts films, Which gives its way to some fast-paced fighting of the animation’s slow-moving elegance.

Colossal World:

Colossal World

Explore the world of 18 times more extensive martial art from Skyrim, which has a motivation point that provides experience.

Qing Gong Protest:

Jump fast in the landscape using 7 King Jong skills to climb, glide and jump.

Martial art Training:

Learn unique skills from one of the eight Martial art schools, such as Tian Xing or the beggar Gang.

Action-oriented Combat:

Use Qing Gong, the defensive composer system, and the breath to protect and release the deadly combo.

Meridian System:

Manually distribute cultivation points in the sphere-grid system to increase your capabilities.

Moonlight Blade Game Premiere:

The initial premiered date of Moonlight Blade PC is 1 July 2015 and on mobile 16 October 2020. Moonlight Blade Mobile was in development mode for 4 years in the Tencent company, a continuous line from PC Ports.

Moonlight Blade Game Premiere

They are designed to apply a mixture of the QuickSilver and the Unity games. The goal of the developers is to create a high-quality variant of MMORPG to mobile.

In which the detailed character adaptation and dynamic combat of the original game shifted. The character-making way on the mobile version looks quite adorable. Its range is present on the mobile phone, competing with Black Desert’s customization of mobile level.

The port of the MMORPG had pre-registration by 48 million people before the game’s launch, Which topped China’s ioS game download moreover income graphs.

China’s ioS game

The demand of the game toward its native nation excelled the celebration of the Kings in the charts as fans enjoyed in its picture sequence environment.

Journalist Nexon teased the western release of the game for PC some time ago, Although they made no updates on the project’s status.

Pros and Cons of Moonlight Blade:

Pros and Cons of Moonlight
1Backgrounds and role models are gorgeous.It explores like a grind behind those visuals.
2The character art is profoundly lovely.Not endless quest modification.
3The quality functions are ambitious.The battle is smooth.

Gameplay Screenshots of Moonlight Blade:
















Cinematic Trailer of Moonlight Game:

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