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Lords Mobile: Best Heroes List, Game Review, Guide, Team {2023}




Lords Mobile Best Heroes

Lords Mobile Heroes: Here we are going to talk about the game for Colosseum. Some users don’t like this form at all. Users purchase so many players with exclusive reason to get ahead of the other players. who need lords mobile guide and tips and update in the colosseum and try to climb the ladder.

Every player wants to do their best to climb the ladder, Who can’t afford to paying, they play with free these type of game with best lord’s inventory .

Introduction of Lords Mobile

NameLords Mobile
Play storeClick Here To Install
DeviceAndroid, iOS
TypeMobile Game

That’s the best thing about this game. Here’s everything to enjoying for players.

If you are noobie to playing Lords Mobile or just started and looking forward to victory, then a lot of resources are yet to come in your way.

During this time it is very important to know which hero to upgrade first.

For this, there are many hero in this game with different abilities will play a very important role in moving you forward and winning you.

Here is the best Lord’s with great abilities on multitasking.

which will help you moving on to victory further than the rest of the best players, So you need to upgrade them first before others.

These are the best players which is available in inventory without spending any real money, They also good for ColosseumGiant attack’sadventure and have the great ability to moving forward you in the game.

clash of lords 2 best heroes

Some important rule for Lords mobile heroes team before enter in the Colosseum , you should follow these rules to win the game:

  • Rules and roles for any Super Lord mobile best heroes guide ,tips and update for his squad.
  • Tank ( It will distract the leader and keep them busy and takes the most of the damage)
  • Support ( Squad support is also important to eliminate the side attackers and hold or support the tank )
  • Crowd control ( To avoid the opponent’s magic and other powers summon who can freezes or amaze them )
  • Healing (This is very important for you, which will keep you alive in the game and keep you moving forward )
  • Direct Attack ( One who can attack from the back of the enemy and deal a block )

10 Free Best Players In The Lords Mobile:

You should upgrade first These Players In the Lords Mobile Heroes.

Best Free Lord Best Heroes

1. Demon Slayer In The Lords Mobile Game:

He is the ‘King‘ of an assassin in the game with a very high magical power defense, But it’s hard to obtain and acquire.

The Demon Slayer initially chooses his enemy, then starts to tackle the enemies from last to first. He has a sharp melee attack, which greatly damages the enemy.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is good enough to defeat magical enemies and healers. So that your player can fight without interruption and does not let the opponents dominate.

He is the best and very important for the Colosseum teams with their splendor and ability in the battle

Demon’s hurts all the opponents of the opposing team backbenchers, Essentially beats their crowd controllers and healers push them to backfoot.

Also he is a very good and true player of his ground army. When he is taken to war, it will increase its army’s health by fifty percent and attack rating by thirty percent.

2. Prima Donna In Lords Mobile:

She is known as the super healers in the game and also has some great magic attacks. Apart from other p2p healers in the game, she is a cute and little bee, one of the top in the Colosseum team.

Prima Donna

She can be a fairly good pair with Child of Light and Demon Slayer as Prima’s attacks will reduce damage and have more impact.

You can do mix her with Rose Knight to cover the downtime of Prima and fix the weakest link. While Prima Donna gives everyone a new life.

3. Child of Light In Lords:

This Child of Light is an another tank hero that come through the crowd control. Child of Light can take the fight from the front to anywhere else.

she has a lot of damage rates and is mastered by class crowd control, which makes it a valuable partner to the Death Knight and the Rose Knight.

Child of Light

Its final attack medium area is to deal with the damage and surprise the opponents for five seconds. This, thus creates an important base for best heroe’s such as trackers and black crows to attack uninterruptedly.

Her main attacks are area attacks which cause moderate damage. This not only reduces the health of the opponent but also reduces their defense against magical attacks at every attack.

4. Death Knight:

If you are not yet able to get Rose Knight or Child of Light, then Death Knight can be a great option for you.

Death Knight attacks in a linear motion. What is it that, if the opponent is hit by that line or get under the line, then he also has an equal damage.

Death Knight

He is very fast for his last attacks, which can accumulate the enemy for 3 seconds and also cause damage. Death Knight is an excellent choice for heavy tank teams.

To make your game simple, you can put it with a snipe and he will show you a great job.

This free hero is among those who can come out of death. Not only that, his attack rating also piled up in his rebirth.

so I think you should use it with a healer and use it in rebirth mode to create more effect.

5. Black Crow In Lords Game:

After the tracker, whoever can perform a fatal hit is Black Crow. This player has an eye that captures the weak link of the enemy in one eye, Which will make a river bleed upon impact.

Her presence in your team will boost the allies’ attack rating, And with her special ability, you will find the battle easier.

Black Crow (lords mobile guide, tips and update)

This amazing archer makes arrows rain on enemies, causing them considerable damage in the middle area.

She focuses on penetrating one goal at a time, She has a long range and rapid fire rate that allows the area to clear in an instant.

6. Rose Knight:

It is difficult to suppose to ride without the Rose Knight, she is the one leader champion. this Knight is an all-rounder hero in terms of powerful attacks, amazing defense skills, and crowd control.

Rose Knight Lords mobile heroes

this player is the best player in the Lords mobile heroes meta and my suggestion is you should upgrade Rose whenever your rank is up early in the game. She has major important and powerful abilities which are very useful during combat.

She has some special techniques to attack to opponent. like, throw the shield, 6 hug making powerful damage impacts on all opponent enemies within her range.

Rose Knight is an amazing guardian in the game, as she can find the weak player in your team and try to support heal fast. in the next update maybe developers will increase the attack power.

Her skills are very useful and very impactful in close fights and there is also suggestion lords mobile tips and update are showing the lobby.

All Rose’s skill makes your player’s team survive against enemies in the close fights, which make your team super powerful in the colosseum.

7. Tracker In Lords Heroes:

there is another champion you need in the battleground, who is the best for the longest fight. which is the Tracker. She is always best for F2P, her attacking rating is amazing.

She can give tons of high damage to the enemies, this depends on your attacking capabilities. her major skills are simple and cool.

Tracker In Lords Heroes

Tracker has the ability to give unlimited attacks and she can knock down the enemy in a single hit. she is helping us to find the strongest point of the opponent’s teams.

she has also a self-heal power if anyone is holding up the enemy fort. in a simple way, she has all the fatal shots that are the perfect target and effectively gives the opponent team.

if shoots arrows are coming regularly, it will be cover herself with a safe distance. she is also destroying the enemy team’s tanks easily.

this is mostly targeting those enemies whose health power is low, and who are in a critical situation during the battle. she is a really good champion in the game.

Her have amazing attacking powers with lots of damage for monsters.

8. Night Raven Lords:

One more matched Mid-fielder has a cool ability to gives bulk damage on the enemies. Alongside Raven is also boost the dex ratings of allies. You can get lots of benefits of his powerful skills during the battle.

Lord Night Raven

He is called an owl for charging himself and gives more damage to the enemy until he finishes.

Night Raven is also a free champion, you can get him easily in the free crates. that have some special power of attacking and defending.

He has the skill to hit unlimited attacks on the enemy team on the battlefield. these skills make him a good player in fights. which makes your team stronger more than the opposition.

9. Trickster:

Our Trickster is the most preferred player by the top gamers, who provides us about Lords Mobile Guidetips and update. he is like a poster guy because there are many pro accounts in the Lord mobile where you can see him.

Trickster Lords Mobile Heroes

Because Trickster is a free Hero player with good research abilities. every team leader chooses this hero, his role in combat is not important but he is a good researcher.

He is a focused powerful attacker, he can attack on the all enemies and hurt them at a time with great damage. and his HP is also good that’s why he can survive for a longer time on the battlefield.

I think Trickster is a good choice for the Colosseum. Because of his abilities of high damage with the focused. he will reduce the enemy’s health for the next five seconds.

10. Incinerator In Lord Mobile Game:

We have one more greatest scorcher in our team. that has the ability to rain fire upon the enemies. every team should include this finest player.

Incinerator In Lord Mobile Game

The Incinerator deals with like a magical attack on the opponents. she has an amazing secret weapon for the colosseum on the battlefield. she can also deal with long-range attacks and also destroy opponent long-range attackers.

she has some key skills like encompass. which is works like a magical attack on the selected and targeted enemies, she can roast all the enemies.

she is a mid-fielder so she comes back again on his later position after the maximum damage attack without losing the HP.

including an Incinerator in the team is a good choice which is good with the tanks.

5 Paid Best Heroes In The Lords Mobile:


1. Lore Weaver


2. Witch Doll


3. The Big Guy


4. Songstress of the Sea


5. Berserker

Best Combinations Of Lords Mobile:

After the upgradation of Lord’s heroes, you can try these most preferred teams combination. I hope these all are best for you.

NoBalanced TeamHeavy Attack TeamPowerful Defense Team
1Rose KnighTrackerDeath Knight
2TrackerTricksterRose Knight
3Demon SlayerDeath Knight else Child of LightPrima Donna
4TricksterNight Raven else Black CrowChild of Light
5Prima DonnaRose KnightTracker

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In this article, we collect some information regarding the lords mobile best heroes. Also, we provide a list of the all players of the lords mobile best heroes guidetips and update.

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