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Top 15 Best Free iOS Survival Games for iPhone & Android (2023)




Best Free iOS Survival Games for iPhone & Android

Best Survival iOS iPhone & android mobile games, titles are becoming very popular, And now they are also joining the gaming trends. That developers have developed over the years, beginning with surviving crowds of zombies.

But now, primarily, users are going for survival games. If you don’t want to die and want to drag the game longer, then the survival game will be an excellent option for you.

Survival is an exciting collection of games, but all games have a point where you die and restart that game. However, survival is the major component of survival in the game.

This is actually a very strong style with outstanding titles, Or maybe it is fun to try to survive for more than a day without the comforts of modern technology.

In most cases, you are witnessing a hybrid experience that includes survival mechanics along with other genres. Here are some survival games you can check out or download.

List of iOS Survival Games For iPhone and Android:

PUBG Mobile (BGMI):

This game is developed by PUBG corporation.

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) it’s a competing multiplayer video game in which you get to see different types of maps, and many upgradable weapons and clothes are also seen.

PUBG Mobile bgmi

This game is a mixture of battle and survival, In which who will first drop you to a separate area.

Then you have to find weapons for fighting with opponents, and you need be to survive and fight with the enemies and become the single person alive.

The player enters the game without any weapon or equipment. He has to scour and manipulate the area to find weapons and equipment.

After some time, there is a map image will begin to shorten, and everyone should be safe to avoid elimination.

Who can play this game in solo mode, duo, or squad mode, the winning team will get the chicken dinner, and your tier rating will also increase.

Cataclysm: The Dark Days Ahead Survival Games

Kevin Granade develops this game.

It is a simple but enjoyable game, and developers develop it because of its likeness. Cataclysm exists as an open-source survival game with easy visuals, Wherein in some situations, standard ASCII-type video games can remind everyone.

Best iOS Survival Games for Mobile

And comprising a rogue-like game will have the ultimate wherever your avatar goes in the game, it’s run for good, And you should start the game afresh again with another character.

Modes from the game community allow more extra choices for customization. Also, it’s saved data, and you will transfer and continues its game progress in Your PC version.

Survive: Wilderness

Juuso Hietalahti develops this game.

Survive-Wilderness Survival accesses the category a bit differently. In a text-drawn simulation, you are forced to take care of all body functions.

Mobile survival games

Body temperature, thirst, appetite, and other elements play a role. The objective of this game is to get security.

Relaxed gameplay and minimal graphics clearly slow down the otherwise stressful genre. We love this category.

Players who like to use fitness apps as compared to joysticks feel at home here. The surface and controls are stylistically sinuous and functional.

Stormfall: The Saga of iOS Survival Games

Plarium Global develops this game.

Emerging from zombies survival, medieval is added in Stormfall. As one of the rulers of Stormfall, you will be considered a collaborator and will be taken as an expatriate.

The Saga of iOS Survival Games

Soon you should avoid the harsh outer world So that you can get rid of those people who have cheated you.

You must fight and investigate to obtain food and raw stuff for your weapons. It would help if you built your shelter and craft things that will be helpful for your existence.

Also, build runes to open new spells to claim even the various fearful enemies a complete quest to conquer the favor of many teams in the region.

Mini DayZ: Best Zombie Survival Video Games

Bohemia Interactive develops this game.

This game is a compact version of DayZ, Which is the Best survival PC game and also for the console. Rather than the full-fledged PC 3D games.

Best Zombie Survival Video Games
Mobile survival games

It is designed to be a 2D sprite-based video game, But however, retains the core of Mini DayZ. Also, you can experience a fantastic pixel world as you never try to escape from the corpse lying in the night.

Now You demand to pay attention to your strength and the level of appetite and ensure that during any encounter, blood does not flow into the mouth of death.

Equip yourself with different types of weapons to stop the zombies in your range. Also, beware of other humans trying to survive, Because not every human is as favorable in this game as you think.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard develops this game.

ARK – Survival Evolved Turns Survival-style Fascist Conferences on Its Head, Players dipped into the Jurassic era adventure, requiring them to survive and thrive in a world full of dinosaurs.

Survival Evolved

Players enter the world bare and alone, armed only with a powerful set of fists and the will to live.

Collect resources worldwide for use in cuisine, But be warned. The most valuable resources can also be dangerous if misused.

Players can face the game in single-player mode to create a single empire, Or delve into online games and increase the group’s chances of surviving against eclipse tribes and prognostic hunters.

NEO Scavenger:

Blue Bottle Games develop this game.

The NEO Scavenger views survival style slightly differently, focusing on turn-based movement and manual scavenging.

NEO Scavenger

The player wakes up in the limelight of the cryogenics laboratory and discovers surrounding lands for supplies to survive.

Exploration is risky, the finished player has a limited number of chances, and each move costs energy, making them more vulnerable.

Not only this, players can be afflicted with any kind of negative connotations, which should be treated immediately. Otherwise, this game will over here.

The NEO Scavenger demands more strategy and risk-taking than other survival games, but as a result, the experience seems more rewarding.

Life After:

NetEase Games has developed this Video game.

LifeAfter places you as a person of that survivor in the post-apocalypse environment, wherever interaction is the solution. Investigate the area and locate any item that may be useful for your existence.

Life After

There are many regions to explore, And a lot of creepy creatures stay and waiting for humans. Find a campground for shelter, make it, and make a shelter for other human survivors.

When night comes, the mysterious creatures will start rushing on the humans, making sure you need to be prepared for the fight. This game has a mixture of sandbox and also survival games. So everyone can easily play LifeAfter and have enjoyed it.

LifeAfter is available for free to play for everyone, and Gamers love this game.

Survival-Quest: Best ZARYA-1 Station-Based Game

Your Story Interactive develops this gamey.

I was concentrating more on storytelling than action-packed gameplay. This game is a text based fantastic survival game, made with the combination of some science fantasy, horror, and entertainment.

Survival-Quest: Best ZARYA-1 Station-Based Game

In the ZARYA, all your efforts and decisions will impact the whole story and the end, so there will be various related boundaries.

Who said, you can play as multiple times whenever you want, and you can expect a different ending every time.

Dead Trigger 2 Mobile Survival Games:

Madfinger Games develop this game.

Notwithstanding holding a survival match, it concentrates more on the action, including its first-person shooter plan.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the famous action shooters game on mobile phones.

And the sequence adds more significant changes and content to have players interested.

There is also a unique control feature where players can choose between a practical joystick or touch key point system, including many weapons to use during missions.

Your character will have plenty of update functions to grow and defeat the invading zombie hordes.

Shadows of Kurgansk:

Gaijin Distribution KFT develops this game.

Set in the post-apocalypse experience, Shadows of Kurgansk keeps opponents in a secure spot as all are in a radiation-induced area, And they must discover a plan to survive.

Shadows of Kurgansk

During midnight, assemble supplies, elements and build your own fort to defend yourself from the zombies walking the ground.

But players require to be accurate because there is a cycle of day & night in the game. As it begins, things begin to become dangerous as more corpses start to appear.

Westland Survival:

Helio Games develop this game.

Can you survive the harsh and demanding land of the American Wildwest in the Westland Survival Game?

Westland Survival:

The players act as the sole survivors of a bandit raid, and they must use their intelligence to make a life for themselves in the jungle and use nearby resources.

Do your work, from building an overnight shelter to designing and managing your own farm, Talking with NCPs and other players on the way.

Trade, duel and prove once and for all who have actually subdued the West.

If you also want to play this game. Then you can download it for free from the App Store.

Jurassic iOS Survival Games:

Mishka Production develops this game.

Jurassic Survival keeps you on a far land where dinosaurs control that region. If you want to leave the island, then you have to avoid hungry animals.

Jurassic iOS Survival Games

To increase your chances of survival, if you survive, you need to team up with some other players or go alone, but you can’t live long.

The game permits you to tame the dinosaurs, giving you more advantage, Like opening the Tyrannosaurus rex on undoubting opponents, which have a lovely sight to see.

Cyber Hunter:

NetEase Games develop this game.

After taking the futuristic shot at Battle Royal matches, this gives the game a new feel to keep the game entertained.

Cyber Hunter

In the pragmatic world, wherever AI computers are dominated, People have invented a unique technology called “quantum droids” that transforms any quantum power into any imperative thing.

To add the modified gameplay. Each player has some skills and capabilities to aid them in battle, like optical camouflage, Creating invisible forces, and much more.

You can increase this field by diving into the sea or gliding in the atmosphere.

Identity V: Best iPhone and Android Mobile Survival Games

NetEase Games develop this game.

With a terrific setting and different gameplay, Identification V has received a group of attention since its release.

Identity V

In the Gothic atmosphere with 1 vs. 4 different multiplayer battles, players decide as one of 4 hunters.

As survivors, you need to run together and ignore being seen by the enemy’s hunter, discover techniques to protect, And resolve puzzles to leave.

As an enemy hunter, you have to leave and settle people before escaping from the area. This is a joyful game and a scary dog​ and cat game. Mostly everyone gets a fabulous experience while playing.

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