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Fairy Tail Season 10: Continue for New Season?



Fairy Tail Season 10

One of the longest-running fairy tail anime season series ever. Fairy Tail (Feari Teiru in
) is a very famous anime series around the world. In 2021 Officially, F.T. new
season release date is announced.

In this season, we introduce with new main characters of Fairy Tail. First, watch 1 to 4 fairy tail episodes are excellent, but after then, all episodes super amazing.

This series is a modification of Hiro Mashima’s manga of the same name series.

The A-1 “Pictures produce the Fairy Tail series.” And the fairy tail series debuted in 2009
October. Also, the most recent premiered in October 2018.

Throughout this anime exists 9 seasons with 328 episodes. Additionally, this anime series is
directed by Shinji Ishihara.

Fairy Tail is a popular anime series, And it has been appreciated by both critics and fans. The
series has also generated feature films and multiple OVAs.

Fairy Tail New Season Release Date:

Fairy Tail New Season Release Date

Fans of the series were ambitious to see the anime continue. At the end of July 2017, the
creator of fairy tail anime announced. They are going to be released. The 9th season is the
final season.

It seems like that we won’t get the 10th season. The makers of the show announced the
cancellation of the 10th season. They are trying to advertise the latest series as a final part of
the season.

The ninth season also ended with a proper conclusion and didn’t leave any mysterious end in
the story. And all this news will break the hearts of fairy-tail anime lovers.

So it is hard to say goodbye to it now. But for now, the current renewal status of the series
Fairy Tail is going to be cancelled.

Further like, the dubbing cast of the anime is exciting in the part of the series.

Fairy Tail Season 10 Expected plot :

As mentioned above, The Fairy Tail Season 10 series has completed all episodes. Apart
from, Being a fantasy anime series, the events. You should watch fairy tail sessions.

The Fairy Tail series occurs in the mystical place called Earth Land, which is home to
magicians, big groups, and all types of fantastic creatures.

Magic runs in deep Earth Land, and its inhabitants pretty much use it for anything. be it for
conversions, services, and action.

So right now, we don’t know what will happen in the 10 seasons of fairy tail. But Hiroshi
Mahima has already started his work on the spin-off manga (anime). And this new manga can
be delivered as the source material of the next series.

If it happens, the new season will pick up a year after the events of the series finale.
So we can’t say anything yet about the 10th season of fairy tail. We have to wait for more for
an official announcement about fairy tail season 10.

Fairy Tail English Dub :

Being a popular anime series, Fairy Tail has been dubbed by talented voice artists.
If you also like to watch the English dub of the show. You can find English dubbed episodes
on Funimation, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Netflix.

Is Fairy Tail Over ?

No, there are few chances to release the new season of fairy tale. Because there is no type
of official news about here is fairy tail over now. Maybe they can publish the new season of
fairy tail.

Fairy Tail Season 10: Expected Cast

The Fairy Tail new series has so many characters.
Here is the few characters name of Fairy Tail anime series:-

  • The Natsu Dragneel (as the protagonist)
  • Erza Scarlett (Sayaka Ohara)
  • Gray Fullbuster (Yuuichi Nakamura)
  • Lucy Heartfilia (Aya Hirano)
  • Juvia locker
  • Wendy Marwell
  • Jellal Fernandes
  • laxus dreyar
  • Happy
  • Sting eucliffe

Also features in the series.

But we hardly have any information about the cast of the upcoming season. Still, we expect
Natsu to return, New characters may show up as well.

For Now, we have to wait for any surprising announcement about this show. You can
easily watch fairy tail all the episodes of this series on the internet.

Main Characters of Fairy Tail:

Fairy tail has a lot of characters. But Natsu and his friends, Fairy Tail members, make the list of
main characters in the show.

Below, we’ve given you a quick background on them.

Natsu Dragneel:

He is the famous leading men promoters of Fairy Tail anime series.

Natsu Dragneel

He behaves like a fire Dragon mortal, and also, he is a part of Fairy Tail club. Natsu is an
adoptive guy of Igneel, and he is later disclosed to be the adoptive brother of Zeref.

And he is the unfathered paternal uncle, having at first died. Over 4 thousand years ago, he
came back to life. His elder brother is the strongest Demon. His name is E.N.D., and his full
name is Etherious_Natsu_Dragnee.

He is also 5 Dragon-trained—dragon Slayers sending to the nearest future from all sides
precisely on time as his reborn, and having a more mission on the victory over Acnologia.

His voice was dubbed with Tetsuya Kakihara in the Japanese language version. And the
English are dubbed by Todd Haberkorn. As a kid, his voice was dubbed in Luci
Christian’s voice.


Happy is that the cheerful main character of fairy tail new manga series. He’s an associate
Exceed from Extalia, a leading partner of Fairy Tail club and Team Natsu, and Natsu
Dragneel’s supporter.


Rie Kugimiya dubbed his voice within the Japanese version. And by TIA Ballard within the
English version of the anime. Happy is a fantastic character who is so funny in the fairy tail
season 4.

Lucy Heartfilia:

Lucy Heartfilia is a woman, which is the main women protagonist within the manga/anime.
Within the series, Fairy joins Fairy Tail.

Lucy Heartfilia

Aya Hirano dubbed her voice in Japanese language. Who is also voiced over by Haruhi
Suzumiya? From Melancholy of the Haruhi Suzumiya, An English version is dubbed
with Cherami Leigh of this series.

Leigh already gives his voice to the old A2 in Nier & Automata. If you remember, the Sailor
Venus is a Moon series. And Asuna Yuuki shows his story Sword Art regularly, and Lia
Amitola is in the RWBY

Aya Hirano is a Celestial and Spirit Mage as a part of Fairy Tail club. And 1 of the founding
partners of guild Natsu.

She’s an associate with once-wealthy family. they ran away from at home to joins Fairy Tail

Gray Fullbuster:

Gray Fullbuster is the tritagonist of the anime/manga series Fairy Tail. He’s an Ice-Make
Mage, a member of Fairy Tail Guild, and a Team Natsu member.

Gray Fullbuster

Due to his training history. He is most comfortable in little clothing and usually forgets to wear clothes or chooses them off. Thus often are being accused of being more exhibitionist.

He and the Natsu Dragneel have some friendly rivalry, often fighting with someone else.

However, this becomes less common as the chain goes on.

Yuichi Nakamura voices him in the Western version of the anime. And by Newton Pittman in
the English version of the anime.

Erza scarlet:

Erza Scarlet also a girl deuteragonist character in this Fairy Tail series. She is S-class Mage
in the club. Like a pro-Fairy Tail arm.

Erza scarlet

Her behaviour is showing incredible loyalty with complete dedication to Makarov in the club.
When she was a kid then, she was working as a slave in the Heaven Tower.

Along with her teen buddies and lover, his name is Jellal Fernandes. Erza celebrated her birthday on the 27th of June.

Sayaka Ōhara dubs her voice in the Japanese language. And in the English version is dubbed
by Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Wendy Marvell:

Wendy Marvell is the primary prime mover in this Fairy Tail series. This character is
a woman Dragon Slayer, and she belongs to the Cait Shelter Guild.

Wendy Marvell

After the bordering Nirvana expanded, she is admitted to the Fairy Tail association. She trained with her Dragon Slayer. and increased her powers from her adoptive mother and with her Grandeeney in the season 4 of fairy tail.

And will be seen with her pet, his name is Carla. Following the disbandment of Fairy Tail
series. Wendy and Carla also joined Lamia Scale.

After the results of the war, the behaviour of Orochi’s Fin and Lamia. Scale or Wendy left
Lamia Scale and tried to help Natsu resurrect the character. Wendy is also introduced in
the fairy tail season 4.

She is the more main orphans selected for Dragon Slayer four 100’s of years before X777. She
was serving herself to her adoptive mom’s vessel to travelling to X777 and through the moon.
Gate as part of his planning for exterminating Acnologia.

Satomi Satō dubs her voice in the Japanese version. And the English version voice is dubbed
by Brittney Karbowski of the series.

How Many Episodes Of Fairy Tail Are There :

In the fairy tail anime series, there are 9 sessions, and 339 episodes are available on the
internet. Each episode details are mentioned below with each episode name.

Every episode tells a different story of Natsu and Lucy. In this series, you can experience unforgettable
adventures with Lucy and Natsu.

How Many Seasons of Fairy Tail are There :

Below We are providing the list of fairy tail episodes that have already been released. And
also, we are providing the name of every session episode.

You can watch fairy tail trailer’s on YouTube. If we are missing any episodes, you can tell us
that we will improve our updates in the comment box.

Fairy Tail Season 1 Episodes :

Fairy Tail Season 1 Episodes

Episodes of Fairy Tail Season 2 :

Episodes of Fairy Tail Season 2

Episodes of Fairy Tail Season 3 :

Episodes of Fairy Tail Season 3

Fairy Tail Season 4 Episodes :

Fairy Tail Season 4 Episodes

5 Season Episodes of Fairy Tail :

5 Season Episodes of Fairy Tail

Season 6 Episodes of Fairy Tail :

Season 6 Episodes of Fairy Tail

7 Season Episodes of Fairy Tail :

7 Season Episodes of Fairy Tail

Season 8 Episodes of Fairy Tail :

Season 8 Episodes of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Season 9 Episodes :

Fairy Tail Season 9 Episodes

Fairy Tail Season 10 Episodes :

Coming soon.

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